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Project to restore Hale chapels

Stone chapels in graveyard.

A working group that was set up to give fresh impetus to a project, which aims to find a solution for the restoration of Hale chapels, is making good progress.

The Hale chapels working group consists of members of the Hale History Project who also have a particular interest in the future of the chapels. They have been meeting regularly since December and have been in discussion with Farnham Town Council about the options for bringing the chapels back into community use.

Geoff Wallis who represents the groups says: “We are keen to see the chapels restored and adapted to create one building that is suitable for use by local community groups and that could perhaps also be used to accommodate a permanent display of the local history project. We are currently investigating the options for funding such a project and whether it is possible for us to use an architect’s design that was put forward some years ago during Farnham Town Council’s review of the chapels and cemeteries.”

The Working Group is also consulting with other local groups that manage community buildings. This is to evaluate the various management models that may be suitable options for a community building in Hale.

Councillor Carole Cockburn, Lead Member for Cemeteries says: “We are keen to find the best solution for bringing the chapels back into use. However, we have a duty to make sure that any proposed use is supported by a financially viable business plan and that there will be no conflict with the day-to-day business of Hale cemetery.”

The Working Group is seeking views from residents of Hale about how it might achieve a satisfactory outcome for Hale cemetery chapels. Comments and offers of support should be emailed to

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