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Farnham gets a spring clean

Seven men in high viz vest collecting litter.

Shopping trolleys, a fire extinguisher, tyres, cups, cans and bottles are just some of the discarded items recently collected during Farnham Town Council’s Spring Big Pick Week.

Schools, businesses, community groups and residents organised litter picks that covered the town, Coxbridge roundabout, the Shepherd and Flock, East Street, Dogflud Way, the riverside and individual roads in residential areas.

Iain Lynch, Farnham Town Clerk says: “To coincide with the start of spring, we organised the first of two annual litter picks. A large number of sacks of rubbish were collected including around 100 empty half bottles of vodka! On behalf of Farnham Town Council I would like to pass on a big ‘thank you’ to everybody who took part in Big Pick Week and for making our town look a whole lot tidier.

“As well as litter picks we also arrange for a monthly clean up of graffiti on public buildings and can assist in the co-ordination of cleaning graffiti on private property including shops and businesses. Unfortunately there has been a spate of unsightly graffiti recently so if you see areas that need attention, please let us know by using the report it page on our website contact Kevin Taitt on 01252 712667.”

Any resident or community group that would like to organise their own litter pick this spring/summer is welcome to borrow litter pickers, gloves etc from Farnham Town Council. To arrange, please email Kevin Taitt.

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