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Town Council sets its council tax

Two shiny pennies.

Farnham Town Council has agreed a modest increase in its share of the council tax in 2015/16.

The 1.27 per cent rise will mean the Council will be able to deliver more of the services that contribute towards making Farnham a vibrant and attractive place to live. The extra money will secure the year-long calendar of events that includes the summertime Music in the Meadow concerts, the very popular Food Festival and four weeks of Christmas activities that last year included the introduction of a Christmas market.

Cllr John Ward, spokesperson for Farnham Town Council says: “Over the past four years we are pleased to have been able to keep the increase in the Town Council’s share of council tax to below the rate of inflation. There is great public support for what we are doing which is evidenced by the number of people who attend our events and the feedback we receive from people. We plan to do more of what people like and it is for this reason that we took the decision to agree a small increase. To illustrate what this looks like in numbers, from 1 April this year, householders who live in a property that is rated Band D for council tax will pay Farnham Town Council an additional 1.4 pence per week.”

During 2015/16, Farnham Town Council plans to spend additional money on maintaining the war memorials. One particular project will see improvements made to the uneven and broken paving around the war memorial in Gostrey Meadow.

Cllr John Ward adds: “Much of what we do is about enhancing the town and making it an appealing place to visit. This in turn boosts the local economy making Farnham a good place to do business. Over the next 12 months we will continue to attract people into the town by holding two Italian markets, extending the Christmas lighting scheme to other parts of the town centre and supporting events such as the Farnham bike ride and carnivals. As well as events, we will continue to progress our neighbourhood plan, which will protect the future of Farnham.

“We will also continue to support our villages by actively including them in Farnham in Bloom and by extending the Christmas lights to key village focal points. We have also agreed a community grant budget that is larger than in previous years and which will support many worthwhile projects that will benefit our local communities.”

In 2015/16, Farnham Town Council will receive £1.11 per week from Band D properties, which is equivalent to £57.60 per year. Farnham Town Council receives around three per cent of the total council tax paid by its residents. The remaining 97 per cent goes to Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey.

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