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Mayoress receives a new chain

Sir Ray Tindle has presented the Mayoress of Farnham with a specially commissioned, new chain of office.

The chain, which is designed to be worn with the Mayoress’s badge, was presented to the Mayoress Ann Blagden during a lunch hosted by Sir Ray Tindle. The Mayoress will wear the chain of office and Mayoress’s badge when accompanying the Mayor at official civic engagements.

The sterling silver, gold plated chain was designed and made by the jewellers André Noir in Farnham. Andrew Black, founder of André Noir explains how he found his inspiration for the chain: “I spent an afternoon walking around Farnham studying the architectural features and characteristics of the town. I saw a number of plaques showing a flower emblem and took this idea for part of the chain. I also found on the internet some pictures of the Castle from many years ago: I liked the shape of the windows and incorporated their design into the chain.”

During the presentation, Sir Ray explained that some months ago he had told the Mayor, Mayoress and Deputy Mayor and Mayoress that he wanted to present the Mayoress with a new chain. He added: “Some years ago I was very proud to present a chain of office to the Consort to the Mayor of Waverley.” Sir Ray Tindle invited the Mayoress to accept the chain for all that she and other mayoresses do and have done for Farnham.

After the presentation, the Mayor of Farnham, Cllr Paddy Blagden said: “Farnham Town Council is extremely grateful to Sir Ray Tindle for his generous gift. The chain is beautiful. It looks modern yet it is inspired by architecture from earlier generations. I am sure that future mayoresses will be very proud to wear the chain which is so intrinsically Farnham.”


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