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Volunteers receive recognition for outstanding service

Eleven local people who have collectively donated over 200 years of time to community causes have been honoured.

In recognition of their outstanding service to the community, each individual has been presented with a ‘Services to Farnham Award’. The awards were presented by the Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Paddy Blagden and were the original inspiration of Sir Ray Tindle CBE DL.

Each person to receive an award was nominated for recognition by a colleague or a member of the public. The nominator provided a statement explaining why they thought an award should be given. The nominations were considered by a small panel of people who put forward their selections for endorsement at a meeting of Farnham Town Council at the end of January.

Services have been provided to a wide range of community organisations and have benefited many people. Acts of remarkable service included Jan Clark who has volunteered as a receptionist at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice for the past ten years and has been honorary secretary for the Rowledge Village Fayre; Sue Hepburn who was described as the ‘driving force’ behind the project to renovate the headquarters of 3rd Farnham Scouts and Brian Greig who was a founding member of the Farnham Sports Council in 1974.

Councillor Paddy Blagden, Mayor of Farnham says: “I never cease to be amazed at the enormous number of community organisations that exist in Farnham and its villages, and make the whole a marvellous place in which to live.

Farnham’s voluntary organisations and their volunteers represent a spirit of helpfulness, cheerfulness and dedication, and their efforts underpin many of the facilities and services including support care of the elderly, sport of all kinds and for all ages, and elements of the fabric of our town like the library and museum. I am truly grateful for their efforts.”

The presentation was followed by a reception in the Tindle suite which is a recently opened and refurbished area of the Town Council offices. Receivers of the awards were joined by family and friends and congratulated by Farnham Town Councillors.

The Awards are kindly sponsored by Sir Ray Tindle of the Tindle News Group and are presented to people who have served the community and people of Farnham.

Recipients of Services to Farnham Awards 2014 included:

Michael Beale Services to the Farnham Hedgehogs and community projects For over 30 years, Michael Beale has worked tirelessly for the community through his involvement with the Farnham Hedgehogs, his dedication and hard work continuing into his retirement. He has volunteered at the Malting’s Jazz club and Farnham Sports Centre as well as assisting at various local fetes and events including both Farnham Carnival and Hale Carnival. Michael’s devotion to tasks has been exemplary.

Roger Bradley Services to Arthritis Research UK, and the elderly of Farnham For over 12 years Roger Bradley has been a dedicated member of the Farnham branch of Arthritis UK, being Treasurer from 2003 to 2011 and honorary Secretary since 2011. Roger could not be more valued, always willing to take on jobs to help the community. At St Thomas-on-the Bourne he was on the PCC for many years and was a key member of the committee which completed its extension. He is also a volunteer at Care Farnham, and the Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society as well as helping at the UCA children’s Art exhibition. Roger is a most public spirited and hard-working person, fully deserving this award.

Peter Brinsden Services to education in Farnham and Weydon School Peter Brinsden has been Chairman of Governors at Weydon School for over ten years, during which time he has worked tirelessly to provide an outstanding education and facilities for the students at Weydon. He has been prepared to hold people to account, seeking the right solutions rather than popularity. With passion, energy, drive and enthusiasm, Peter also has a sharp focus on ensuring appropriate support is given to the whole school community to enable success. Peter’s dedication and commitment deserves recognition for what he has achieved.

Jan Clark Services to the Rowledge Village Fayre and the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Jan Clark has given dedicated service to many local organisations, always putting others first. Not only has Janette been Honorary Secretary for the Rowledge Village Fayre for over 13 years, she has also contributed to community events such as Carols around the Christmas tree, the Village Jubilee Celebrations and the Coffee Spot. Jan is a Past Secretary and President of the Inner Wheel and has volunteered as a receptionist for around ten years at The Phyllis Tuckwell Memorial Hospice where she is now an ambassador. Jan has achieved so much for her local community because of her enthusiasm, abilities and generous attitude.

Simon Farrant Services to the Woodlarks Workshop Trust Simon Farrant has been a voluntary supporter of the Woodlarks Workshop Trust for over 40 years. He has spent over half this time as Chairman of the Executive Management Committee and his commitment and care has been constant. Simon was instrumental in the development of the new Bourne’s Doctors surgery in Woodlarks which has assisted with funds to improve accommodation facilities for its 22 residents. Simon has been dedicated to this charity and his commitment has ensured Woodlarks is a safe and happy home where its residents can lead a full life.

David Fisher Services to the Aldershot and Farnham Camera Club and the Farnham community David Fisher has been the key contact between the Aldershot & Farnham Camera Club and Farnham Town Council for over five years. As a result of his enthusiasm and commitment, key Farnham events have been recorded and captured in photographs, providing an important record for present and future generations. As liaison officer for the Camera Club he has initiated photographic competitions and provided photographs for many Farnham publications as well as exemplar photos of the club’s work. As an ambassador for the Aldershot & Farnham Camera Club, David has been a great asset to Farnham.

Brian Greig Services to sport in Farnham and the Farnham Sports Council Brian Greig was a founder member of Farnham Sports Council in 1974, and has been its Chairman for the last twelve years. Brian is well-respected being effective at partnership working and with good relationships with clubs and key agencies. He was a key promoter of the need for a community sports centre in the town and has represented Farnham on Active Waverley. Brian is also a past Chairman of Wrecclesham Tennis Club, still plays competitively and continues to coach junior players. All in all, Brian is a fine servant to sport in Farnham.

Sue Hepburn Services to the 3rd Farnham Scouts For over 15 years Sue Hepburn has dedicated herself to the community and young people in Farnham through her role as Group Scout Leader of 3rd Farnham Scout Group. Sue’s dedication has made a positive impact on over a thousand young people’s lives in Farnham and doubled the size of the scout group over the last ten years. Sue was the driving force behind a project to renovate Daniel Hall, the 3rd Farnham’s Scout Group headquarters, to provide an inspiring facility not only for the Scouts but for the whole community. Sue is a cheerful and positive individual who successfully inspires others to support the community.

Jonathan Jones Services to civic, literary and community activities in Farnham For over ten years Jonathan Jones has been a distinctive and colourful part of Farnham life using articulate and resonant prose as Farnham’s honorary Town Crier. It is no surprise that Jonathan is in high demand as a speaker raising the profile of Farnham far and wide, nor that he is an accomplished thespian. Jonathan is a real asset to the civic and cultural life of Farnham and an invaluable resource both to local community groups and to the Town Council where he has officiated at events such as Mayor Making and the Venison dinner. As well as bringing gravitas to formal events Jonathan brings character and a sense of fun to many town events throughout the year.

Peter Matthews Services to the Farnham Lions and the Farnham community Since joining over 20 years ago, Peter Matthews has held many positions within the Farnham Lions including Welfare Chairman and Club President. Peter played a key role in the successful Wenceslas Project during fuel poverty 2012 to 2013 by managing the payments to the community. Peter has also dedicated several years on the Beerex committee as Chairman managing to raise an impressive £100,000 for local community good causes. Peter is a popular and well respected member of the Farnham Lions and has served the local community well.

Michael Yeadon Services to Bells Piece and the community of Farnham Michael Yeadon, and his late wife Helen, have been the driving force behind the Bells Piece Support Group for many years contributing greatly to efforts to make life better for residents and other people with learning disabilities in Farnham. Together they successfully organised the spring and Christmas fetes and other fundraising and social activities. Mike is also an active member and Past President of the Farnham Weyside Rotary Club and is a great supporter of charitable activities in Farnham. Mike is one of Farnham’s excellent volunteers and he is very deserving of the award for his services to Farnham.

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