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Lively debate at Farnham’s annual town meeting

Over 80 people took the opportunity to attend Farnham’s annual town meeting on Thursday 27 March.

The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Farnham, Cllr Paddy Blagden and was an opportunity for residents to find out more about the work of Farnham Town Council over the past year and to ask questions on any matter affecting Farnham.

Speaking about the meeting, Cllr Paddy Blagden said: “The meeting was divided into two sections, the first of which involved presentations by the Town Councillors who represent working groups such as Tourism and Events, the Neighbourhood Plan and Farnham in Bloom.

“A short break was followed by the main purpose of the meeting, which was to hear the opinions and suggestions of Farnham residents and electors. This covered a number of subjects and some fairly lively discussions ensued. All together it was an interesting and thought provoking meeting.”

Some of the issues electors asked questions about included: the Farnborough Airfield airspace consultation; housing development in Farnham; parking charges; Farnham as a craft town; Farnham’s historic assets coming under Town Council ownership; air quality; litter and the Gostrey Centre.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs Celia Sandars proposed a vote of thanks to the ‘wonderfully competent Town Council staff for all that they do’, which was greeted with enthusiastic applause.

The Mayor concluded by paying tribute to the volunteers in Farnham who keep Farnham alive.

Commenting after the meeting, Cllr John Ward, Spokesperson for Farnham Town Council said: “I am always happy to face our residents to explain to them what their elected representatives have achieved over the past year and to unveil our plans for the following one.

“It can be very daunting to face an intelligent audience who ask searching questions about how their money is being spent. All the Councillors were, therefore, hugely encouraged by the friendly reception we received and the wholehearted vote of confidence from the meeting”

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