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Farnham deals promptly with storm damage

Farnham’s cemeteries have received a battering during the winter storms.

Three Scots’ pines in Hale cemetery came down just before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year, a large conifer was uprooted in Badshot Lea cemetery.

Councillor Carole Cockburn, Lead Member for Cemeteries, says: “Fortunately, the trees did not cause any damage to graves or memorials. Our outside workforce is trained and well-equipped to deal with the problems we have encountered during the bad weather. They have dealt with the trees quickly and efficiently which is important as visitors to our cemeteries expect to find them well looked after.”

The fallen trees have been put to good use. Some logs will be put in West Street cemetery to create habitats for hedgehogs, beetles and other wildlife and the remaining trees will be chipped. The chippings will be taken to Farnham’s allotments and made available to allotment holders for use on their pathways.

Councillor Cockburn, adds: “The trees have been in the cemeteries for many years, so it is good to know they are being reused in such a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.”

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