About Cllr Stephen Hill

I have been a Councillor since 2007, firstly for Farnham Castle ward, then since 2011 for Moor Park. I did not manage to walk straight into the job however, as my successful election in 2007 followed three previous attempts!

I have had a keen interest in politics since my school days in Croydon and I’m very proud to be representing the electors in Moor Park where I am also a resident.

I have lived in Farnham since 1990 with my wife Helen and two now grown up children and was landlord of the Shepherd and Flock pub. During those years I also ran the Albion, Farnham and The Star at Witley for some of the time. Prior to coming to Farnham I worked in regional management with Watneys and Whitbread Inns.

I was Mayor of Farnham in 2012/13 and enjoyed visiting a diverse range of voluntary groups, churches and charities. I was a member of the Waverley Council Joint Planning and Western Planning committees and a member of the Audit Committee. In Farnham Town Council I have been the lead member of Community Enhancement and served on Cemeteries and Tourism and Events committees.

Moor Park ward is an area of considerable contrast, with its population representing a wide range of ages, incomes and aspirations. I will be working hard to represent this wide range of views in the many current and future challenges we all face.

Declarations of Interest

See Cllr Stephen Hill’s Declaration of Interests.

Representative on outside bodies 2018/19

Allotments Liaison Group