Want to let off some steam? Whether you wish to participate or just spectate there are a multitude of sporting activities to get stuck into in Farnham.


Accessible for all ages, abilities and competitive levels Farnham offers budding and professional cyclists and spectators everything they need. Join Farnham Road Club or take part in events such as the annual Farnham Charity Bike Ride. Get your free Surrey cycle guide  or pop into Farnham library for a paper copy.


Looking for a splash around, lessons or lanes for a serious workout, Farnham has a number of excellent indoor swimming pools to choose from. Farnham Leisure Centre offers two public swimming pools, lessons for all ages and abilities plus aqua classes. Local private health clubs also have swimming pools for club members. If you want to take it up a level Farnham Swimming Club is one of the oldest in the country having started in 1893.


Farnham Rugby Club has a strong emphasis on the local community, with 24 teams to choose from! Four very successful men’s teams; girls’ teams, youth teams and minis. Past players include Jonny Wilkinson and Peter Richards who played for the winning English World Cup team in 2003.

Golf clubs

The Farnham countryside is ideal for golf, with the nearest public course located in the north of Farnham Park, five minutes walk from the castle. A par 3, nine hole, course to stay in practice with a cafe for partners and the park next door for children.


The surrounding heath and common landscape is perfect for running. Farnham now hosts the cross country Pilgrims Marathon once a year and other races such the Woodland Woogle 6-10k in Seale. However, if you are looking for more structure and companions try a local running club, such as Farnham Runners with their Alice Holt Forest races in September  or Blackwater Valley Runners, email: secretary@bvrunners.org.uk.


Founded in 1906, the Farnham Town football club has a first team, seven academy teams, a ladies’ team and minis. Why not support the local team at a home match off West Street. Tel: 01252 715305. Many of Farnham’s villages have historic football clubs with very active teams. Badshot Lea football club. was initially formed in 1907 and now has approximately 30 teams.


Farnham Cricket Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country. Founded in 1782, the club maintains a site adjacent to the castle in Farnham and one in Crondall. With several teams playing each Saturday and Sunday they always welcome visitors who enjoy cricket. Tel: 01252 714860 Other local cricket clubs include: Badshot Lea Cricket Club Rowledge Cricket Club Hale Cricket Club.


Farnham has a wide diversity of fisheries to cater for the needs of the fish and anglers. Founded in 1906, Farnham Angling Society is one of the oldest and most successful angling societies in England and members enjoy fishing in over 32 ponds, lakes and stretches of river including Frensham Great and Little Pond and the River Wey. For more information tel: 01252 320871


Farnham skatepark is located in front of the Farnham Leisure Centre and caters for beginners to experts of all ages.


Sailing is available for all abilities with a vibrant sailability section, on the beautiful Frensham Great Pond; however you must be a member of the Frensham Pond Sailing Club. Tel: 01252 792859

Leisure Centre

Farnham’s Leisure Centre is in central Farnham and offers visitors access to almost every sport – swimming, dance and exercise classes, group cycling, trampolining and fencing.

Private Gyms

In addition to the gym at Farnham leisure centre, there are a number of local private gyms in Farnham.


Alpine Snowsports Centre, Aldershot Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or donutting, young or old, learning skills or fine tuning them; with three slopes, each with their own lift and mist system, you can enjoy the thrill of a speedy descent, within ten minutes drive of Farnham.


Looking to play a friendly match or enter into a more competitive league? Central Farnham and the surrounding villages of Rowledge and Seale and the Sands have a number of bowling clubs to join, play with and enjoy a nice tea!


Aldershot and Farnham Hockey Club is a thriving club now putting out 30 teams and hosting almost 350 juniors at their weekly Sunday Hockey Academy. They are England Hockey Clubs First accredited and are based both at Heath End School, Farnham and the Army Hockey Centre, Aldershot. See the website for summer camps and joining.

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