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Arranging a burial or memorial

Daffodils in front of graves.

Advice about how to arrange a burial, fees and placing a memorial.


Cemetery fees


Choosing a stonemason



Farnham Town Council is the burial authority for four Farnham cemeteries. The cemeteries are at Badshot Lea, Green Lane, Hale and West Street.

If you arranging an ashes or full burial interment you will be required to complete a Notice of burial form.

Interment of ashes

If you wish to inter ashes you can either make the arrangements with a local undertaker or you can arrange it yourself by completing a Notice of burial form.

Cemetery fees

These fees and charges are for cemeteries managed by Farnham Town Council.

Cemeteries Charter

The Cemeteries Charter for the bereaved and general public outlines our standards for the Burials and Cemeteries Services.


To place a memorial in one of our cemeteries you will need to apply for a memorial permit.

Our cemetery regulations and guidelines will tell you the sizes and types of memorial which are allowed in our cemeteries.

Choosing a stonemason

A permanent memorial can be placed after a minimum of eight months. Some stonemasons may recommend a longer period depending on the settling nature of the surrounding soil or type of memorial.

Please contact us for a list a registered stonemasons.

Farnham Town Council does not accept any responsibility or guarantee the standard of work or craftmanship of any stonemason registered with us.

Advice on arranging a funeral

There are many organisations that can give you advice on arranging a funeral, including:

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