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Allotment competition 2020 winners

Scarecrow in a suit and hat in an allotment.

See the winners of the 2020 allotment competition.

Allotment competition winners 2020

Best Allotment Plot 

Alderley Farm – Malcolm Swain –  Plot 7/7a

Farnborough Road – Tracey and Nigel Pollard – Plot 20

Morley Road – Christina Williams –  Plot 1a

Shepherd and Flock – Ruth Paris – Plot 10

West Street – Clare Knapp – Plot 13aa

West Street (Extension) –Peter Keiller – Plot 23

Wrecclesham – Philippa Gray – Plot 24a


Best Newcomer Plot

Alderley Farm – Vincent Jack – Plot 12a

Farnborough Road –  Horace Watson – Plot  27

West Street (Extension) – P Allum – Plot 2


Best Overall Newcomers Plot 2020

Rebecca Manley- Six Bells – Plot 14b/13a

Best Overall Allotment Plot 2020

Brett King – Six Bells – 15b 

Tallest Sunflower

Winner – Tracey and Nigel Pollard

Largest Pumpkin

Winner – Tracey and Nigel Pollard

Best Scarecrow 

Bronze Award

Sue & Norman Ware

Silver Award

Vivian Kaldun

Gold Award

Nigel & Tracey Pollard


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