This Trust will assist in the restoration and management of the chapels in the future.

History of the Chapels

Sidney Stapley was an architect and surveyor born in Tunbridge Wells in 1825 who married a Farnham girl, Kate and had a practice at 23 West Street, Farnham in the second part of the 19th century.  He was appointed to design the two chapels, the lodge, the gate and the walls in Upper Hale cemetery; which were constructed in brick and flint by Goddards of East Street and were completed in 1872.  One chapel was consecrated as Church of England, and the second for other denominations.

He was appointed Surveyor to the Local Board (Urban District Council) in 1875 and retained the post until he resigned suddenly and without explanation in 1882.

He is probably best known as the architect of Holy Trinity Church in Aldershot, the first church to be built there after the arrival of the Army. The Museum of Farnham still holds some information about him.


Future plans for the chapels

Public consultation on the possible future of the chapels was undertaken in January/ February 2014 by the Hale History Project. The results of the public consultation indicated the preferred option was to maintain the chapels for the local community and the Hale History Project.

Following on from this work, local discussions and options are being explored for the ways of remodelling the chapels as a local community resource. The two chapels have been made watertight with new tarpaulins fitted by Farnham Town Council.

If funding is not achieved or interest in using the chapels is not possible the council may use the space to create a facility which would add to the cemetery facilities. For example a bible garden, columbarium or ashes space.


The Hale Chapels Trust

The Hale Chapels Trust has achieved charitable status, registered charity number 1168421.

The Trust and the Town Council, through the Hale Chapels Trust Group, continue to explore funding opportunities for the restoration of the Chapels and fitting out as community rooms.

Surrey County Council, through the leader’s community infrastructure fund have agreed a funding contribution of £30,000 and FTC with Hale Chapels Trust  has recently submitted a first round bid for a Heritage Lottery grant, outcome March 2017. In January 2017 a tender is being advertised for the works to the chapel subject to funding being achieved.


Hale Chapels Trust trustees

Geoff Wallis

John Ely

Neil MacDonald

Peter Minett

Helga Stelzhammer


Supporting documents

The review of Hale Chapels as part of a review of all of Farnham Town Council’s chapels was undertaken in 2012 by Robin Crane Associates. Green Lane and West Street Chapels have now been redeveloped for residential and community use.

Hale Chapels existing plans

Hale Chapels site plan

Hale Chapels scheme 1

Hale Chapels scheme 2

Further news will be added to the site when available.