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Runfold quarry, community liaison group

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Relaunched in 2014, the Runfold quarry community liaison group is a partnership group to ensure the quarry site is restored to its original state by ...

Relaunched in 2014, the Runfold quarry community liaison group is a partnership group to ensure the quarry site is restored to its original state by 2021 and cared for after that. To facilitate a smooth transition taking place, SITA UK (now rebranded as SUEZ) is working with the community, Surrey County Council; the Environment Agency and local resident representatives, with Farnham Town Council chairing the group, to update the restoration plans and produce a new masterplan for the management of Runfold in order to facilitate its restoration to working agricultural land.

Invited members of the group

Barfield School Seale and Sands Parish Council Farnham, Seale and Sands Amenity Society
Farnham Town Council The Farnham Society Waverley Borough Council
Surrey County Council (Councillors, Enforcement and Environmental Enhancement) Surrey Wildlife Trust Surrey Hills AONB
Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership Crooksbury Residents Association (CRA)  Moor Park Residents Association (MPRA)
South Farnham Residents Association (SOFRA) SITA UK • Environment Agency


The Runfold quarry site

History of the site

The site is owned by SITA UK (now operating under the brand SUEZ) and has been in operation for more than fifty years. The site covers some 80 hectares and lies approximately 2 km east of Farnham and 12 km west of Guildford on the old Guildford to Farnham Road, next to Barfield School.  Planning permission to extract building sand was originally granted in 1951 and planning consents to extend the site were granted during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s, which increased the area of quarrying in order to supply building sand. Over time, the quarried areas have been filled and this continues on site today, albeit on a smaller scale than historically.  These days the site is filled with non-hazardous materials including soils and construction waste.  General household rubbish is not accepted at the site. In addition to sand quarrying and landfilling operations, Tarmac operates a mortar plant in the centre of the site. Several areas of the site are currently being restored back to agricultural use and a field in the north east of the site is used by Barfield School as an outdoor recreation facility. Planning permissions require the site to be finished and restored by the end of 2021.

Satellite image overviews of the Runfold quarry site
Vision for Runfold quarry

Progress reports from Suez

Runfold quarry progress report, November 2015


Minutes of the community liaison group

Runfold CLG minutes 2015-04
Runforld CLG minutes 2015-02
Runfold CLG minutes 2014-11
Runfold CLG minutes 2014-10
Runfold community liaison group terms of reference


Community input

Community input to the site master plan document


Planning applications and technical documents

Runfold quarry and landfill planning applications

Planning applications for the site are available through Surrey County Council’s online register of applications. Enter ‘Guildford Road’ in the site address search field and ‘SITA UK’ in the applicant search field for a list of applications:



Community liaison




Peter Kelly (site manager)

Tel: 01252 782255


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