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Volunteers needed for the Community Fridge and Cupboard

The Community Fridge and Cupboard at Hale Community Centre provides a simple way of sharing good food that would otherwise go to waste by providing a facility for members of the community and other partners to share and donate perishable and non-perishable products.

They need some volunteer assistance to help them make their Fridge and Cupboard available each day between 10 until 1. This can be split between more than one volunteer and each day can be covered by different volunteers.

They would like to be able to create a bank of people who could cover on a rota basis.

The task is to welcome visitors and explain that the Fridge and Cupboard is available to all.  They wish to encourage community contact in a safe environment in addition to providing food which would otherwise go to waste and landfill from local shops etc. In addition they have food donated available to all and grow fruit and veg in the community garden which is also in the fridge. They are not to be confused with food bank; everyone can use the Community Fridge without being referred.

Under current circumstances it is also necessary to encourage track and trace and ensure that people abide by the social distancing rules and current legal requirements.

Full training will be provided and volunteers will be made very welcome.

Contact:   Cathy, Sue or Felicity

The location is in the Hale Community Centre 130 Upper Hale Road GU9 0JH.

Tel: 01252 722362


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