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Rough sleepers

For many years Waverley has had relatively low numbers of rough sleepers. 

Rough sleepers or those who appear to be sleeping rough can sometimes be begging in order to maintain a drug or alcohol addiction and may have no particular connection to the area where they are rough sleeping or begging. It can also be the case that some rough sleepers are deciding to continue to sleep rough even though they have been offered alternative accommodation options.

Waverley’s advice

If you are aware of any rough sleeper in Waverley, please report this to Street Link in the first instance. 

This helps the government to log the true scale of homelessness nationally. Street Link will then notify Waverley so that support and advice can be offered and where needed, a referral to other councils or agencies can be made.  

Please do not give money or food to people who appear to be sleeping rough but rather give to local or national homelessness charities. Giving money or food can unfortunately result in genuine rough sleepers not engaging with the support that is available to them and can result in an upsurge in antisocial behaviour, particularly if money is used to maintain a drug or alcohol habit. This in turn can negatively impact local businesses, the local environment and the safety of the public.

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