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Farnham town centre business questionnaire

As part of the proposed improvements to Farnham town centre, the Farnham Infrastructure Programme (FIP) wants to hear from all businesses which operate in the town centre about their current access and delivery arrangements.

To ensure the long-term vitality of Farnham town centre with a growing economy, the FIP need to understand business activity of the town. This will help them with the final design of improvements for everyone who lives, works, studies in and visits the town.

Town centre proposals

The FIP want to create a town centre which meets modern needs while celebrating its heritage, with wider pavements for pedestrians to support a vibrant local economy. 

Since the public consultation last summer the FIP has been refining the design for the town centre. This is to take into account feedback from the consultation, with new traffic modelling so they can fully understand and mitigate against any impacts. This is alongside a new walking and cycling plan for Farnham to help get cars off the road and help the environment.


Please fill in the questionnaire, let the FIP know your activity and encourage businesses around you to do the same.  Even if many of the questions aren’t relevant to you, it would still be helpful for the FIP to have your contact details so they can get in touch if they need to. You can access the questionnaire at until 2 August 2023.

To find out more about the Farnham Infrastructure Programme, visit

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