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Mindfulness Toolkit: Meditation Course

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Saturday 17 September 2022 - 10.30 - 13.00


Farnham Maltings

Meditation and mindfulness course with Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo. Explore essential mental tools utilised to increase mindfulness and focus, and make progress in meditation. The workshop consists of two sessions of guided meditations and practical instructions.

Two one hour sessions of guided meditations and practical advice. Training in basic mindfulness is a tool for managing our emotions and controlling our thoughts and feelings. During this course we will learn about mindfulness, concentration, attention, and alertness. Through improving these aspects of mind you will come to experience increased happiness and peace of mind. Using instructions given in the text, How to Understand the Mind, Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo will explain the essential mental tools that we utilize to make progress in meditation.

• How meditation works

• Essential tools for meditation: concentration, mindfulness and alertness

• How to overcome distraction

£25 per person

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