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Making Matters in Farnham

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Thursday 1 October 2020 - Saturday 31 October 2020 - 10.00 - 17.00


3-4 Lion & Lamb Yard

MAKING MATTERS consists of five craft makers who met in 2019 as Artists in Residence at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. They have planned together an art installation for Farnham Craft Month. It is intended to be a visual and audio response to peoples’ experiences during the pandemic lockdown. Local people from Farnham and surrounding parts will generously expressed their sentiments of what the isolation period meant for them. These emotional contributions will take form as text and sound that are to be seen in and around Farnham during Farnham Craft month in October, which is to celebrate the cultural heritage of Farnham as well as contemporary makers and designers and of course the people who reside in it. This is a very special Craft month as it launches the very first month that Farnham is a World Craft Town. This work is to symbolise and acknowledge that not only what the residents of Farnham have endured during these past few months of uncertainty, hardship and loss but all over the world. MAKING MATTERS recognises that this period of time during the pandemic across the world , through adversity , has been what has mattered most. Staying connected as possible brings a sense of coming together and it is this aim that we want to achieve in our art installation, through expressing our experiences as a global community using art as a meaningful vehicle.


It is our collective intention that the work will consist of visual projections onto various walls in Farnham, accompanied with immersive audio. The visuals will consist of moving and static text and images that echo the heartfelt responses from members of the public (that include as many people from as many demographic groups as possible; age/ gender/ race/ nationality/ disability). This will form the visuals that will be projected at dusk for full viewing .The peoples’ voices will be prerecorded and then layered into a digitally composed soundscape to accompany the text.

From August – September MAKING MATTERS will collect the data from the ‘contributors’ that will be in turn expressed into the audio and visual installation that will also be shown in and around Farnham at other places of interest that the community would have visited were they to have been accessible. For example the library, galleries, places of study, worship and natural beauty etc.