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Chrissy Silver: New Ashgate Winner at Festival of Crafts

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Saturday 25 September 2021 - Saturday 6 November 2021 - All Day


New Ashgate Gallery

Chrissy is a passionate gardener and potter. She works with porcelain making fine detailed lamps, pendants, and tea light holders using botanical pressings from flowers she grows in her garden. The lamp light accentuates the fine detail made by the pressings leaving a ‘ghost image’ where the light shines through. Chrissy also uses pieces is fine linen, lace, and lava stones. All pieces are made with the freshest of foliage, making each piece unique and capturing the essence of the seasons for reflexion in the darker winter months.

Chrissy was selected as the New Ashgate Gallery winner of the Festival of Crafts, the Farnham Maltings, in October 2020

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