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Autumn Talk Series

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Tuesday 2 November 2021 - 17.00 - 18.00


Museum of Farnham

The museum of Farnham and Farnham Biodiversity Group have come together to collaborate on a series of talks this autumn. Over three talks learn more about the biodiversity in Farnham and the surrounding areas. These talks will cover specific species and wider issues surrounding the environment.

Tim Norris – Will Swifts go extinct in the UK? Swifts have declined by 64% in the last 25 years according to data from the British Trust for Ornithology. They are the fastest recorded bird in level flight and spend most of their lives on the wing. The only time they land is when they are at their nest. Come and listen to more remarkable facts about these amazing birds and what we can do to help them

Glen Skelton-

Title – A Better Wey – A modern approach to rivers

Description – Rivers are our nature super highways and Farnham is lucky enough to have the River Wey running through the heart of the Town. With the looming climate crisis our river wildlife is starting to feel the heat and our towns are coming under an ever increasing risk of flooding. It doesn’t however have to be this way and new approaches to land management can create resilient rivers that are good for both people and wildlife. This talk will take a closer look at the issues and opportunities along the River Wey in Farnham and how we can all come together to protect this vital resource.

Libby Ralph – Promoting Farnham’s Biodiversity Libby Ralph, Chair of the Farnham Biodiversity Partnership will talk about actions going on within the Partnership, to raise awareness, protect and increase biodiversity across Farnham. She will talk about the role of the Town Council, other public and charitable bodies, as well as the wide range of volunteer groups all doing their bit for biodiversity across the town. She will also highlight the importance of Farnham’s location and surroundings, some of the fascinating species that call the Farnham area home, and things that can be done to help our wildlife to thrive.

7th October, 5pm-6pm – Tim Norris (Hampshire Swifts) 2nd November, 5pm-6pm – Glen Skelton (Surrey Wildlife Trust) 16th November, 5pm-6pm – Libby Ralph (Farnham Biodiversity)

Tickets: £5

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