Wrecclesham is one of the oldest villages in Farnham and has a long and interesting history.

The Wrecclesham History project works to preserve memories of Wrecclesham as a clearly identifiable village. Whilst undertaking studies of elements of Wrecclesham History such as the schools, church, pottery and local businesses.

Following a grant from Farnham Town Council, the project has launched a website which communicates with members, records the results of any work and informs other interested parties of all activities. Plus promoting social activities for members.

Looking for Wrecclesham memories

To prevent it losing its identity and with many people living in the village who have lived here most of their lives and have interesting stories to tell of what the village was like. This new website will record these memories of the ’Good Old Days’.

Submit your Wrecclesham memories online here https://wreccleshamhistory.wordpress.com/