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The William Cobbett Society

Bust of William Cobbett, Museum of Farnham

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The William Cobbett Society was founded in 1976 to bring together those who have an interest in the life and writings of William Cobbett. A passionate defender of the freedom of the press Cobbett was prepared to defend it at the cost of imprisonment and exile.

‘He is not only unquestionably the most powerful political writer of the present day, but one of the best writers in the language. He speaks and thinks plain, broad, downright English’.  The only time I ever saw him he seemed to me a very pleasant man: easy of access, affable, clear-headed, deliberate and unruffled in his speach… I certainly did not think less favourably of him for seeing him’.

Hazlitt’s Essay on Cobbett, published in his table talk, 1821


For information on events and membership visit the society website.