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The Farnham Society

Colourful painting of Castle Street and Farnham Castle in the background

Protecting our heritage, shaping our future

The Farnham Society’s prime objectives are to preserve the architectural heritage of Farnham, to encourage integrity in the construction of new buildings, sympathetic to their surroundings, and to maintain the quality of life for future generations of its residents.

In pursuing these objectives the Society promotes the highest standards of planning and conservation, campaigns for appropriate development and takes an active part in protecting the environment. The Society’s annual Farnham Heritage Open Days generate interest and raise public awareness. Being a member of The Farnham Society helps you raise your concerns on the future of the town, and allows you to be informed about issues which affect you and your family.

The Society organises social activities throughout the year, including evening talks, social events and visits to places of interest. For more information, visit The Farnham Society website.