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Farnham Country Market


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Farnham Country Market, formerly the WI Market, is a co-operative which endeavours to keep alive arts, crafts, and baking and encourage future generations to enjoy the pride of ‘home produced’.

The range of goods for sale include a whole range of cakes, bakes and savouries, honey, turned wood, greetings cards, knitted and sewn items, homemade soap, jewellery, gifts, and preserves.

High standards for all producers are required so customers can be assured of good quality products. The market is governed by strict regulations, and cooks have regular visits by the Environmental Health officer to inspect their kitchens.

The market was established in 1949 and has a stall in the Cellar Bar at the Maltings Monthly Market on the first Saturday of each month, except January, from 9 am to 4 pm.  Orders can be emailed in advance.