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Farnham Park

Farnham Park © Michelle Sheppard A&FCC
Farnham Park © Michelle Sheppard A&FCC

Farnham Park is a 320 acre medieval deer park overlooking the town with an impressive 1km tree lined avenue and a large children's play area. Farnham Park is not only a park of beauty but also one of historic importance. There is evidence of activity in Farnham Park as far back as the Old Stone Age, but it is from the medieval period that most of the important evidence still survives.

The building of the Castle in the early 12th century established Farnham as an important residence of the Bishop of Winchester, a powerful figure in medieval Britain. Originally one of two deer parks established by the Bishops in Farnham, today's park was known as the New or Little Park when it was founded in about 1376. The Bishops of Winchester received many important royal guests and the park was often the hunting ground of royalty. 

The open landscape, old oak trees and winding stream gives Farnham Park its great character. Many of the oak trees are rich in wildlife, providing important habitats for rare insects. The dead and fallen wood is left on or near the trees, to provide an important resource for wildlife.

Superb views of Farnham can be seen from the Avenue and from the northern boundary of the park.

Farnham Park is managed by Waverley Borough Council. For further information, visit Waverley Borough Council's website or contact the Countryside department on 01483 523394 or email landscaping(at)

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