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Accessing Information

How do you access information from Farnham Town Council?


Who are my Councillors?

Farnham Town Council is currently made up of 18 elected Councillors representing local people across 9 wards, each ward is represented by 2 Councillors.

The Full Council is elected every 4 years and is presently made up of 16 Conservatives, 1 Independent and 1 Liberal Democrat. The results of the 2011 local election are below and can also be found on

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David Attfield - Liberal Democrat (Weybourne and Badshot Lea)

38 St Georges Road
Badshot Lea Farnham GU9 9LY

01252 689238

David Beaman - Independent (Upper Hale)

3 Highfield Close
Farnham GU9 8EZ

07799 671641

Paddy Blagden - Conservative (Castle)

3 Old Compton Lane
Farnham GU9 7BY

01252 713479

Carole Cockburn - Conservative (The Bourne)

5 Pine Ridge Drive
Lower Bourne
Farnham GU9 3JW

01252 715529

Pat Frost - Conservative (Wrecclesham and Rowledge)

28 Burnt Hill Road Farnham GU10 3LZ

01252 728663

Carlo Genziani - Conservative (Wrecclesham and Rowledge)

St Marys Cottage
Old Lane
Dockenfield Farnham GU10 4HG

01252 793851

Jill Hargreaves - Conservative (Firgrove)

Kastean House
The Fairfield Farnham GU9 8AJ

01252 723188

Stephen Hill - Conservative (Moor Park)

Sandrock Cottage
26 Moor Park Lane
Farnham GU9 9JB

01252 712764

Sam Hollins - Owen - Conservative (The Bourne)

130 Burnt Hill Road
Lower Bourne Farnham GU10 3LJ

01252 714902

Jennifer O'Grady - Conservative (Hale and Heath End)

c/o the Council Offices, South Street, Farnham Farnham GU9 7RN

01252 712667

Stephen O'Grady - Conservative (Hale and Heath End)

c/o the Council Offices, South Street, Farnham Farnham GU9 7RN

01252 712667

Graham Parlett - Conservative (Castle)

Cherry Tree Walk
Rowledge Farnham GU10 4AD

01252 793580

Dr Jessica Parry - Conservative (Shortheath and Boundstone)

C/O Council Office,
South Street,
Farnham GU9 7RN

01252 712667

Julia Potts - Conservative (Upper Hale)

16 Trinity Fields
Farnham GU9 0SB

Susan Redfern - Conservative (Firgrove)

14 Searle Road
Farnham GU9 8LJ

Jeremy Ricketts - Conservative (Weybourne and Badshot lea)

Knowle Farm
19 Old Park Lane
Farnham GU9 0AN

01252 726503

Roger Steel - Conservative (Moor Park)

34 Lynch Road Farnham GU9 8BY

01252 724344

John Ward - Conservative (Shortheath & Boundstone)

7 Wrecclesham Hill
Farnham GU10 4JN

01252 719050

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